Chart Export Helper

This Add-in helps you automatically updating images of Excel charts in your PowerPoint presentations. 


Most Excel charts are eventually presented to decision makers in a PowerPoint presentation. Exporting Excel charts to PowerPoint is not a trivial matter, if you need to update the chart  with fresh data later on: You have to weigh advantages and disadvantages of the three general approaches: a) linking the chart from PowerPoint to Excel, b) embedding the whole workbook along with the chart and c) pasting the chart as an image. Most practitionaires agree that pasting charts as images is best for most purposes, because of data integrity and file size, but the major drawback is that updating the chart images has to be done manually and can be extremely laborious for large presentations.

This helper add-in automizes both the initial export of a chart as an image and its update later on. For updating, this helper add-in replaces the previous chart image with a new one, while maintaining the same position on the slide, as well as its z-order. This means if you have text boxes placed over the chart, sucha as arrows and comments, the replaced chart will be placed under them, so you do not need manual adjustments.

  • Export Excel charts as images to PowerPoint
  • Update chart images in PowerPoint 
  • Updating chart images uses unique identifier names (e.g. a combination of worksheet name and chart name) and works irrespective of the chart location in the presentation deck
  • The chart image's dimensions can be maitained (optional)
  • Shapes  that are in front or behind the chart image will not be impacted

Obtain a demo file created with this tool from our gallery!

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