Agenda Helper add-in for PowerPoint

Why does my presentation need an agenda / table of contents at all?

Presentation decks of any size and purpose benefit from a clear structure with divider slides between sections. This gives the audience orientation. This applies even more so to readers of a presentation document, who do not have a presenter in person walking them through the document's logic. Maybe you have already noticed that most presentation files of the large management consulting firms use agendas to structure both presentation and back up slides?


What can the Agenda Helper do for me?

The Agenda Helper saves time and effort while making your content easier accessible to your audience.

  1. Agenda Helper automatically creates and updates agendas (table of contents) and the divider slides between the chapters
  2. Agenda Helper gives presentations an easy navigation with a three level outline (i.e. two sub-levels to the main level)
  3. The user interface is very easy to use
  4. Formatting layouts is easy and uses the regular PowerPoint techniques. Many default layouts are provided
  5. Favorite layouts can be stored for re-use


Agenda Helper Light (free)

Try out the free version. It is a full version, only limited to five agenda items.

Agenda Helper

Buy a commercial license for one year.  System requirements: Windows PC with Office 2010 or higher
(Original price: 19.90)


See for yourself ...

Take a video tour of the Agenda Helper add-in

Check out our example presentation file

This presentation demonstrates how divider slides with sub-levels can structure a presentation.
Note that you can navigate the presentation by clicking on the hyperlinked agenda / table of contents.

Visit our Agenda Helper tutorials

Go to our Agenda Helper Tutorial sites.
We especially recommend checking out two of our step-by-step tutorials (done with

  1. Quick tutorial using the built-in example data
  2. Adding an agenda to existing presentation content