Stacked Waterfall Chart Helper Light (free)

Stacked Waterfall charts breakdown an overall value into individual contributing elements. As they combine the virtues of Waterfall charts with those of Stacked Column charts, they show two levels of contribution: the contribution of an element to a stack and the contribution of that stack to the overall outcome.

Example for Stacked Waterfall Chart Light

Stacked Waterfall Helper for Excel

Generate waterfall charts in a flash with this free add-in

  • Creates a stacked waterfall chart
  • Only positive stacks possible
  • Free license for one year 

Agenda Helper Light (free)

Agenda Helper for PowerPoint

Effortlessly manage agendas and table of content slides with this free add-in.

  • Create and update divider slides for up to 5 agenda items
  • Support of sub levels
  • Free license for one year 

Slides to Mail Helper (free)

When creating presentations you often need to send a few selected slides of a larger deck to colleagues or superiors for gathering either input or approval. Sending the entire presentation deck is performed quickly in PowerPoint, but you would not want to confuse the recepients with many unnecessairy extra slides. However, sending just the relevant slides requires manually creating a new presentation with this relevant subset of slides. With Slides to Mail Helper you can do it with one click.

Slides to Mail Helper Add-In for PowerPoint

  • Export selected slides of a PowerPoint® presentation into a new presentation and attach it to an e-mail with one click of the mouse.
  • Free license for one year