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Create complex waterfall charts in seconds with the Waterfall Chart Helper add-in for MS Excel.

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What is it?

The Waterfall Chart Helper add-in for Microsoft Excel swiftly creates complex waterfall charts that go beyond the functionality of Excel's built-in waterfall chart. These charts may have stacked columns, horizontal bars and sub-totals.

Who is it for?

Anyone who regularly uses MS Excel for numerical analyses, planning and reporting 

  • Marketing, sales, finance and strategy functions at large corporations as well as small and mid-sized companies
  • Consulting firms

What can the Waterfall Chart Helper do for me?

The Waterfall Chart Helper quickly creates four types of Waterfall Charts

  1. Waterfalls above the x-axis
  2. Waterfall Charts that are crossing the x-axis into negative values
  3. Waterfall Charts with stacked columns
  4. Horizontal Waterfall Charts
  • All chart types may have sub-totals
  • All charts can be updated and formatted by coworkers that do not have the add-in
  • The functionality goes beyond what is available from MS Excel's native Waterfall Chart

Why do I need waterfall charts at all?

Waterfall Charts show the break-down of a total value into its components. They come in many variants. They are also called bridge charts when used for translating one figure into another by adding and substracting values. 

There are many benefits when comparing to charting solutions that work embedded into PowerPoint

  • Flexible and cost efficient - In contrary to many other charting applications that use proprietary formats, the Charting Helper Tools' outputs are regular Excel® charts. They can be further processed and edited by your team colleagues, who do not have this tool. Thus, you do not need to fund a large budget to provide licenses even to occasional users, whose software will effectively be idle 95% of the time, but who need to be enabled to makeover charts once in a while.
  • Work in Excel, not in PowerPoint - Many other charting applications are PowerPoint® centric and charts cannot be efficiently embedded into Excel files. But working in Excel® is required, if you want to use the chart for actual analysis and not for presentation only.

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Stacked Waterfall Chart Helper Light

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Generate waterfall charts in a flash with this free add-in

  • Creates a stacked waterfall chart
  • Only positive stacks possible
  • Free license for one year 

Waterfall Chart Helper

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