Agenda Helper Tutorial

Quick GUide: Creating Your First Try-out Agenda

We recommend first time users to create an agenda from the dummy data. This takes only 5 seconds and familiarizes you with the tool. 

Press <Agenda Master> to open the 'Agenda Master' menu


Just two clicks on the Agenda Master menu:

  1. Press <Sample> --> the listbox populates with sample data
  2. Press <Close, save and apply> --> Agenda Helper creates the agenda slides


Note: Make sure the add-in is properly installed in the add-in folder.

Video Tutorial

A quick demo how to get familiar with the tool using the built-in sample data.

Step-by-Step Instructions

We recommend first time users downloading our demo file and applying the step-by-step instructions to it. Starting from a worked file is easier as you can study the created agenda table and divider slides and have some dummy content slides to experiment with.