Section Titles

The Agenda Helper offers you to add extra textboxes to content slides with the purpose of displaying the agenda's current chapter.

Example use case

Adding Chapter Titles to content slides provides orientation to the audience or readers. Especially so, when the regular Slide Title is used to summarize the key message of the slide (also known as 'Action Title' or verbatim).

Three step process

  1. Select a range of slides, where you want to add Chapter Titles. Press <Create chapter title>.
  2. Position any Chapter Title textbox and apply formats of your choice, e.g. change font, apply a background color. With the formated Chapter Title Box selected, press <Match formats of chapter title boxes> to apply the same positioning and formatting to all other Chapter Title Boxes.
  3. Press <Update chapter titles> and the Section Title Menu will show up (see below).

Four options which content to put into the Chapter Titles

  1. Only agenda item itself,
    e.g. "Competitive Landscape"
  2. Number and agenda item,
    e.g. "2.1 Competitive Landscape"
  3. No text at all - an invisible shape with hyperlinks.
    It is advised to move the invisible shape over some object, e.g. your logo, for that the presenters knows, where to click.
  4. Custom text: You may want to insert a text to show a reader of a presentation, that there is the hyperlink for getting to the table of contents.
    e.g. "Go to table of contents", "TOC", "<" , "< back", ...

  5. <Create hyperlinks> will attach a hyperlink to the preceeding divider slide.