Creating agendas

Three steps:

  1. Enter your agenda outline into the Agenda Master menu
  2. Click on <update divider slides> --> this will create the agenda slide and the divider slides
  3. Sort the divider slides manually into your presentation

In case you are working with slide numbers on your agenda, you will need one more step:

Before finalizing your file update slide numbers by running <update divider slides> again

Step 1: Enter your outline into the Agenda Master menu

On the ribbon menu, press <Agenda Master> to open the menu

The menu's main elements are the input boxes in the top row and a large listbox, where the agenda will display.


For adding agenda items to the listbox' agenda:

  1. Enter text into the input boxes, e.g. "Problem statement" as agenda item
  2. Press <add>




Repeat this for every agenda item.


  • <Owner>, <Slot>, <Span> are optional (you can also give these items custom names --> see advanced settings)
  • Skip <Level> and <Divider> for now, they are advanced settings

Now that you have populated the listbox with the agenda items, you can organize it using the arrow cross (1).


  • Changing the order: Move items up and down in the agenda order using the <up> and <down> buttons of the arrow cross
  • Promote and demote agenda items using the <left> and <right> buttons of the arrow cross


You might want to make edits to an Agenda Item or to delete it altogether:


1. Updating items 

  • Select the item in the listbox --> the input boxes show the selected item
  • Make the edits to your item in the input box
  • Press <update> to save the edits

2. Deleting items

  • Select the item
  • Press <delete

Step 2: Create/update the agenda slide and the divider slides

Click <Apply, close and save> on the Agenda Master Menu.

... or ...

... you can use the ribbon menu:


Clicking <Update Divider Slides> creates the divider slides (as there were not any before)

Step 3: Sort the divider slides manually to their positions

Place the divider slides manually where you need them, i.e. typically between the chapters of your presentation

If using slide numbers on your agenda, then there is an important Step 4: Update the divider slides again

Press <Update Divider Slides> again before printing or saving

This is imporant for retrieving the accurate slide number.


Kindly note:

If you are using slide numbers in your layout,  you must not forget to run the update routine after making changes to the number of slides or their order. 

If you do not really require slide number, it is a safer and more convenient choice not to use them in your agenda layout.