Creating agendas

Video Tutorial

Interactive Tutorial


1. The first step is to click Agenda Master

Step 1 image

2. Type in Situation and Click Add

Step 2 image

2b. Click

Step 2b image

3. Type in Complication and Click Add

Step 3 image

4. Type in Resolution and Click Add

Step 4 image

4b. Click

Step 4b image

5. Click Save, Close and Apply

Step 5 image

6. Click Slide Sorter

Step 6 image

7. With your mouse, click and drag the first  Divider Slide, then drop it before the corresponding Content Slide. Repeat this process for all Divider Slides.

Step 7 image

7b. Drop

Step 7b image

8. Click Update Slides in order to update the correct page numbers from the new positions to your Agenda and Divider Slides.

Step 8 image

9. Click into the presentation and check the result.

Step 9 image


Step 10 image

11. That's it. You're done. Now try it on an existing presentation of yours!

Step 11 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

Step-by-step Description

Steps to create your agenda:

  1. Enter your agenda items using the Agenda Master menu
  2. Click Apply, close and save . à this will create the main agenda slide and a divider slide for each agenda item
  3. Add your content slides and re-order them manually in the proper location after each divider slide.
  4. If you are using slide numbers in your presentation, there is one additional step: click Update agenda and divider slides  to update the slide numbers.

Step 1: Enter your outline into the Agenda Master menu

On the ribbon menu, click Agenda Master to open the menu

To add agenda items to the list:

  1. Enter text into the input boxes, e.g. Enter "Problem statement" in the Agenda Item input box.
  2. Click Add .
  3. Repeat this for every agenda item.



Now that you have populated the list with your agenda items, you can organize it using the directional arrow buttons (1) :


  • Change the order: Move items up and down in the agenda order using buttons above and below the directional arrows
  • Promote and demote agenda items using the buttons to the left and right of the directional arrows


You might want to make edits to an agenda item or to delete an item altogether:


1. Updating items 

  • Highlight the row of the agenda item to be updated → the agenda item will display in the input boxes at the top.
  • Make edits to your agenda item in the input box.
  • Click Update to accept the changes.

2. Deleting items

  • Highlight the row to be deleted
  • Click Delete to accept the deletion.

Step 2: Create/update the agenda slide and the divider slides

Click Apply, close and save on the Agenda Master Menu.

... or ...

... you can use the ribbon menu:


Clicking Update agenda and divider slides creates the divider slides (as there were not any before)

Step 3: Sort the divider slides manually to their positions

Add your content slides and re-order the divider slides manually to where you need them, i.e. typically between the chapters of your presentation.

If using slide numbers on your agenda, then there is an important next step: Update the divider slides

Click Update agenda and divider slides again before printing or finalizing your presentation.

This is important for displaying the accurate slide numbers.

Kindly note:

If you are using slide numbers in your presentation, you must not forget to run these update steps after making changes to the number of slides or their order. 

If you do not require slide numbers, it is a safer and more convenient choice not to use them in your agenda layout.