• Time saving - The Charting Helper will take only seconds where manual editing will take 15 minutes
  • Flexible and cost efficient - In contrary to many other charting applications that use proprietary formats, the Charting Helper Tools' outputs are regular Excel® charts. They can be further processed and edited by your team colleagues, who do not have this tool. Thus, you do not need to fund a large budget to provide licenses even to occasional users, whose software will effectively be idle 95% of the time, but who need to be enabled to makeover charts once in a while.
  • Work in Excel, not in PowerPoint - Many other charting applications are PowerPoint® centric and charts cannot be efficiently embedded into Excel files. But working in Excel® is required, if you want to use the chart for actual analysis and not for presentation only.
  • No admin rights required to install this add-in - No hassle with your IT department.
  • No risk - If you are unhappy with the product within 30 days after your purchase, you will be refunded your money without being asked any questions.