Helper Add-Ins for Microsoft PowerPoint

Automate your Manual Work and save time

Our Helper Add-Ins will make you more productive. Try our free add-ins or download example output files from our gallery, which you can use as Free Excel Templates.

Helper Add-In for PowerPoint

Agenda Helper

Effortlessly manage agendas and table of content slides in PowerPoint.


Free Helper Add-Ins for PowerPoint

Agenda Helper Light

Create and update divider slides for up to 5 agenda items including sub levels.

Slides to Mail Helper Light

Export selected slides of a PowerPoint® presentation into a new presentation and attach it to an e-mail.



Add-ins to save your time when working in Excel OR IN POWERPOINT

Automate your manual work

The Helper Add-Ins are designed to execute quickly the steps that otherwise would needed to be performed manually to accomplish certain tasks in Excel® or PowerPoint®.

Easy to install

You don't need admin rights on your computer to install the add-in. You can start working right after purchasing the file.

Money back - no risk

We offer a money back guarantee for 30 days. No questions asked!

Cost efficient

No lock-in into a proprietary file format

Helper Add-Ins' output is not any different from manually created output. Thus, you  don’t have to worry if your colleagues don’t have the tool, as they will be able to update and change what you created with Helper Add-ins. This reduces your organization's cost of deployment, as fewer licenses of our add-ins need to be purchased.


Just pay for what you need

Our offering is modular and consists of multiple add-ins. You just need to license the add-ins that you really need.

Privacy assured

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