Color Coding Helper

This add-in helps you maintaining a uniform color code across various charts.


When presenting a series of charts, using a uniform color code helps your audience to easily make connections between various chart. For example in a competitive analysis you will want to consistently use blue for your own company, red for competitor X and green for competitor Y throughout your presentation. Applying a uniform color code onto multiple charts manually is cumbersome in Excel and involves many steps.

Uniform color code for stacked column and pie chart

The  Color Coding Helper colors data  according to names, e.g. so that Company X has the same color across various revenue charts.

  • Assigns colors from a cell range to chart series or categories
  • Reads colors from a chart into a cell range
  • Reads names of data series to a cell range
  • Reads names of chart categories to a cell range

Obtain a demo file created with this tool from our gallery!

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