Frequently Asked Questions

Add-ins in general

Q: What are the system requirements?

Q: Can I directly click on a dowload add-in file (xlam, ppam) to install it?

Q: Are your add-ins VBA or COM add-ins?

Q: Where is my add-in folder?

Q: How do I uninstall the add-in?

Q: What chart types does the Color Coding Helper work with?

Q: What kind of colors does the Color Coding Helper work with?

Q: The data labels on my waterfall chart do not display the negative values!

Use the 'redo labels' button.

Chart Export Helper

Q: What is the 'alt text' property?

The 'alt text' in Excel consists of 'alt title' and 'description'. These properties' original purpose is to describe the image textually so that search engines and screen readers (software used by the visually impaired) can understand what the image is. This is only rarely used, for instance when publishing an Excel sheet in HTML to the web. Hence, we can safely use this feature for our purposes, e.g. forassigning to an order to charts in a workbook or for storing a chart image's meta information, such as source file name.
Find more on Microsoft Office Support net.

Error messages

Q: Excel shows Run-Time Error 1004

This is a rather rare event. Typcially it occurs with workbooks that have been saved in older versions of Excel before (e.g. created in 2010, saved in 2007, reopened in 2010 --> error). You can usually workaround this by moving your data into created workbook.