Layout Design

On this site you will find the most important things to get started with the layout design.

Project Scope & Deliverables

Your system requirements

  1. You need to have PowerPoint as a PC/Desktop 32bit version (Not Mac, not cloud)
  2. You need to install our add-in (find the file below and a video tutorial, how to install it)

Your deliverables

  1. PowerPoint Template file (.potx) with 3 new agenda layouts
  2. PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) with the "layout in action", i.e. applied on dummy content

Our input for your design work


Dummy files

To get an idea of our product, we recommend to check out our demonstator file.

Files foR DOwnload

This file is for your actual work (.potx)

Agenda Helper Layouts
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 95.7 KB

You need this add-in (.ppam) to see how the layout looks, when applied

Agenda Helper Add-in
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 115.7 KB

You do not need admin right for installing the add-in. Here is help for installing the Agenda Helper files: